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Yoga's popularity is skyrocketing, making it one of the trendiest trends in the health and wellness sector.

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Yoga classes serve as the primary revenue source in the industry

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The growing popularity of yoga has led to a commercial opportunity for entrepreneurs. Many yoga studios have started franchising their successful business models to capitalize on this trend

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Some examples of yoga studio franchises include Premanand Yoga, Skill Yoga, Yog Tree, and more

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Obtaining the necessary permissions and licences is crucial for a yoga studio. 

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Many yoga franchises follow a low-cost business strategy. For example, Premanand Yoga requires an investment of INR 50k-2 lakhs, with space needs ranging from 300-1000 square feet

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With a small investment of up to 2 lakhs, you can earn a monthly profit of Rs 50,000-1 lakh, as the expected return on investment is around 50 percent

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Skill Yoga requires a minimum carpet size of 1500 square feet and an open hall with a minimum area of 500 square feet. The expenditure for Skill Yoga is approximately INR 5-7 lakhs

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