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Infosys, a leading technology services and consulting company, has introduced an initiative to empower learners in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

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They have launched a comprehensive and free AI certification training program through Infosys Springboard

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Infosys Springboard is an innovative platform designed to equip individuals with the necessary AI skills for future job market success

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The program covers a wide range of AI courses, including introductory courses on AI and Generative AI, focusing on deep learning and natural language processing

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An advanced master class on AI explores the impact of Generative AI on various industries

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The program also includes a customized course on 'Citizens Data Science' covering essential disciplines such as Python programming, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and exploratory data analysis

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Infosys believes that AI proficiency gives learners an advantage in the dynamic job market

Infosys Springboard promotes collaboration between educators and learners, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment

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Since its launch, Infosys Springboard has attracted over 5.5 million registered users, reflecting the demand for AI education and the trust in Infosys as a high-quality training provider

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