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In the past decade, innovative eCommerce businesses like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated have transformed the meal prep industry.

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The ongoing success of meal prep businesses can be attributed to several factors that continue to remain relevant in 2023. meal prep attracts family with ₹ 65,68,384 annual income

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Meal prep businesses attract high-income families, with an average annual income of up to $80,000, presenting a lucrative market opportunity for entrepreneurs in the industry

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Latest trends of meal prep business in 2023 are- Plant-based/vegan meal prep business model: Kids’ meal prep business

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Meal prep websites enable consumers to explore a wide range of recipes and meals, providing them with convenient options for their culinary preferences.

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Customers have the flexibility to customize their order by adding recipes/meals to their cart and selecting the desired quantity and delivery frequency.

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Once the consumers have made their selections, they proceed to make the payment securely through the meal prep website.

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The business owner then takes responsibility for preparing and delivering the ordered meals to the customers, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for the consumers.

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