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Here are five upcoming features that will be available on WhatsApp's Windows app

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Call-back feature- WhatsApp has introduced a call-back button for Windows beta testers

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Also for Appearance in Event Message, Reverting to Missed Calls, Quick Return, Enhanced User Experience

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Editing sent messages- WhatsApp now allows users on its Windows app to edit sent messages, similar to the functionality introduced on Android, providing a 15-minute window to make corrections and avoid the need for additional clarification or follow-up messages

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Screen sharing feature- WhatsApp's desktop app now allows beta testers to share screens during video calls, either specific windows or entire screen contents, enhancing collaboration

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Crop tool- WhatsApp's Windows app introduces a convenient crop tool, enabling users to crop photos within the app and while sharing images, eliminating the need for external tools

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In-app chat support feature- WhatsApp has introduced in-app chat support for Windows, enabling users to directly contact WhatsApp Support and receive assistance within a chat

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