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Snap Inc., the maker of Snapchat, is leveraging its AI chatbot, My AI, to boost its advertising business. Over 150 million users have sent 10 billion messages to My AI since its launch in February.

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My AI has helped Snap diversify its revenue through paid subscriptions. Snap's total subscriber numbers exceeded 3 million in April after the introduction of My AI.

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Snap is utilizing insights from chatbot interactions to improve its advertising personalization. Snap's advertising revenue is a significant part of its overall earnings.

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Apple's privacy policy changes limited ad tracking and targeting capabilities on apps. Snap and other social media companies are finding new ways to understand user interests based on in-app activity.

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Snapchat's private messaging nature limited user insights, but My AI conversations provide valuable data. Snap can use these conversations to personalize ads based on users' interests.

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Snap is testing sponsored links from advertisers within conversations with My AI. This allows Snap to include relevant product links in discussions related to clothing, beauty, and more.

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Marketers prefer to reach users interested in their products, enhancing the value of personalized digital ads. Snap positions My AI as a resource for recommendations, informing users about personalized experiences.

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Snap is capitalizing on its AI chatbot, My AI, to refine its advertising business and diversify revenue streams. Leveraging user interactions and personalization, Snap aims to enhance its ad targeting capabilities.

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