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US President Joe Biden is hosting a debate on artificial intelligence (AI) with technology leaders.

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The Biden administration aims to regulate AI, promote economic growth, ensure national security, and address potential dangers.

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Biden seeks to nurture the potential of AI while protecting against its risks. The administration plans to meet with experts from academia and advocacy groups.

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AI tools can create human-like text, music, images, and code, enhancing productivity but also posing potential harms.

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Experts warn of AI's potential to replace workers and lead to layoffs.

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Misuse of AI, such as the creation of false images and videos, can contribute to disinformation and impact democratic elections.

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In May, Biden convened a meeting with tech CEOs at the White House to address these issues. The administration recognizes the enormous potential and dangers associated with AI.

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Regular meetings are being held to address AI-related concerns, and private companies are expected to make commitments to mitigate risks.

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The debate between Biden and tech leaders highlights the need to strike a balance between promoting AI's potential and addressing its risks. Government actions and industry commitments are crucial in regulating and harnessing the power of AI.

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