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Intel is planning to sell its Bengaluru office as part of its shift to a "hybrid-first" work model

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The office space on Old Airport Road is already in a bidding process, with bids expected to exceed Rs 450 crore

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After the sale, Intel will continue operating from the same location under a lease agreement with the new owners.

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The company aims to optimize space utilization and reduce costs while creating vibrant workspaces for on-site employees.

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Bengaluru remains an important center for Intel, with approximately 14,000 employees in the region.

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Intel announced its adoption of a hybrid work model in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with 90% of employees expressing a preference for hybrid work

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It is unclear if similar real-estate strategies will be implemented for other Intel offices worldwide

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The decision to sell the Bengaluru office follows earlier layoffs and Intel's largest quarterly loss in April

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Other tech companies, like Twitter and Google, have also adopted real-estate strategies to reduce expenses amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic and embrace hybrid work arrangements

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