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Alphabet's "A.I.-first" Declaration: In 2016, Alphabet's CEO, Sundar Pichai, proclaimed Google as an "A.I.-first" company, recognizing the immense potential of artificial intelligence to transform industries.

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Microsoft's AI Boom: Six years later, Microsoft, led by Satya Nadella, has captured attention as a Google rival in the AI space, causing Google to scramble to match its generative AI offerings.

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Google's AI Advancements: At the annual I/O developer conference in 2023, Pichai showcased several AI-powered features, including Gmail's "Help Me Write" for drafting emails, immersive 3D previews in Google Maps, and generative AI photo editing tools.

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Concerns for Google Search: The future of Google Search, a major revenue driver, faces uncertainty as AI chatbots can now deliver information conversationally, potentially impacting the traditional search format.

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Introduction of SGE: Google introduced "search generative experience" (SGE), combining search with generative AI, providing users with a summarized "snapshot" answer along with corroborating links.

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Potential Revenue Challenge: Google's challenge lies in generating ad revenue around generative AI content, as the traditional ad-driven model may not fully apply to this format.

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Publishers and Advertisers' Concerns: With snapshot answers, users may be less inclined to click through links, raising concerns among publishers and advertisers about traffic and compensation.

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Subscription Model vs. Advertising: While OpenAI has adopted a subscription model for its ChatGPT Plus service, Google's core revenue comes from advertising, and finding a suitable alternative is crucial.

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Google's Growth Areas: Google's cloud business is likely to benefit from the AI boom, with its AI prowess integrated into cloud services, resulting in increased customer interest and market share growth.

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The Future of Google: As generative AI continues to evolve, Google must strategically navigate this transition to ensure its continued relevance and growth in the next decade.

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