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Google is introducing its new AI features in addition to existing features on Google Maps.

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Immersive view, which offers 3D tours of landmarks, is now available for Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice.

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The landmark collection on immersive view will exceed 500, including popular destinations like Sydney Harbour Bridge and Prague Castle.

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Glanceable directions provide turn-by-turn directions on phone lock screens for walking, cycling, and driving modes, with real-time ETA updates.

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Google Maps continually expands its points of interest database, providing users with a comprehensive guide to local attractions, restaurants, hotels, and more.

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This update ensures that travelers have access to up-to-date information about various locations, making it easier to plan their trips and discover new places of interest.

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Google Maps will also incorporate AR navigation, which overlays digital directions onto the real-world view through a smartphone's camera.

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This feature provides users with a more intuitive and immersive navigation experience, with arrows and labels appearing directly on the screen, guiding users along their routes.

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