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The aim is to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon by providing innovative shopping experiences.

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Google also focuses on capturing younger audiences who are increasingly using platforms like TikTok for product searches.

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A survey showed that 46% of US shoppers start their product searches on Amazon, while 18% of Gen Z online shoppers turn to TikTok.

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Google recognizes the competition and seeks to address it through AI-powered shopping exploration features targeting younger audiences.

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Google is launching a new virtual "try-on" feature for apparel. Users can see how clothes fit on different body types, ranging from XXS to 4XL sizes.

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The feature uses diverse models and considers fabric stretch and wrinkles for realistic representations.

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Initially, the try-on feature will be available for women's tops in partnership with retailers like Anthropologie and Everlane, with plans for expanding to men's clothing.

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Google's new AI-powered shopping exploration features aim to enhance the shopping experience. Users can access a "search generative experience" that pulls in various sources of information.

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