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Google introduces AudioPaLM, a new multimodal language model that combines the capabilities of PaLM-2 and AudioLM.

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AudioPaLM handles both text and speech, making it ideal for generating translations with authentic voices and speech recognition.

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PaLM-2 focuses on understanding linguistic information in texts, while AudioLM remembers paralinguistic information like speaker identification and tone

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By integrating PaLM-2 and AudioLM, AudioPaLM enhances the understanding of text and voice, enabling more comprehensive communication

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AudioPaLM can be used for real-time multilingual communication, recording and replicating voices in different languages, and transferring voices based on spoken instructions.

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AudioPaLM has achieved top results in voice translation benchmarks and competitive performance in speech recognition tests.

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Google Search's new Perspectives filter adds a human touch by including opinions and recommendations from real people alongside search results

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