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YouTube is launching an AI-powered tool that allows artists to automatically dub videos into different languages

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YouTube has collaborated with Aloud, a dubbing service, to implement this project. Aloud is currently available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with plans to add more languages in the future.

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The AI-powered tool aims to make dubbing more accessible for creators who find it challenging or expensive to dub their videos into multiple languages

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The tool transcribes the video, allowing the creator to review and make corrections. It then translates and dubs the video in the target language before being uploaded

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YouTube is currently testing the technology with hundreds of creators worldwide. While it currently supports only a few languages, more languages will be added in the future

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YouTube recognizes that subtitles have limitations, especially on mobile devices, and dubbing can be time-consuming and costly. The AI-powered dubbing tool aims to overcome these challenges.

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Aloud is an AI-based tool that helps authors reach a larger audience. YouTube aims to make the translated audio tracks sound like the creator's voice and inject more expression into the dubbed content using Aloud

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