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The deal was announced ahead of Teleperformance's artificial intelligence investor day.

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Teleperformance, with 410,000 employees across 170 countries, provides outsourcing services including conference calls, pay and salary accounts, and automated translations.

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The company believes their AI tool ‘TP GenAI’ will help automate simple, low-value tasks and allow staff to focus on more important matters.

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TP GenAI aims to boost efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience through the use of generative AI algorithms.

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A pilot of TP GenAI has demonstrated promising results, including a 25% reduction in call handling time, a 20% reduction in email response times, and a 90% improvement in addressing customer needs accurately.

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 TP GenAI has also shown a 35% increase in sales conversions and provides near real-time insights on customer interactions.

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As digital advancements reshape the call center industry, Teleperformance appointed Bhupender Singh, the president of transformation, as deputy chief executive.

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Teleperformance predicts that 20% to 30% of its processes will be automated within the next three years.

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The partnership with Microsoft and the introduction of TP GenAI showcase Teleperformance's dedication to harnessing AI tools and technologies.

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