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European Union consumer protection groups and transatlantic coalitions urge regulators to investigate the AI underlying systems like ChatGPT.

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Concerns are raised about the potential risks and the time gap before the EU's AI regulations come into effect.

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Thirteen watchdog groups wrote to national authorities, highlighting concerns around generative artificial intelligence.

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A coalition of consumer groups also writes to US President Joe Biden, seeking consumer protection from potential harms caused by generative AI.

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Europe has been at the forefront of AI regulation efforts. The rise of generative AI, empowering chatbots like ChatGPT, has heightened the need for comprehensive rules.

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The EU is finalizing its comprehensive rules for AI, but they are not expected to be effective for two years. Concerns are raised about the delay in protecting consumers from inadequately regulated generative AI.

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European and US leaders are urged to utilize existing laws and introduce new legislation to address the potential harms caused by generative AI. The Norwegian Consumer Council's report highlights dangers posed by AI chatbots.

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AI chatbots can provide incorrect medical information, manipulate people, generate fake news, and misuse personal data scraped from the internet. Consumer groups across countries warn about the lack of immediate protection.

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Some authorities have already taken action, such as Italy's privacy watchdog ordering OpenAI to temporarily stop processing user data. France, Spain, and Canada are also investigating OpenAI and ChatGPT.

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The call for investigations into AI systems like ChatGPT emphasizes the need for timely regulation and protection against potential harms. European and US leaders are urged to address the risks associated with generative AI.

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