“We are a team of 50+ Women at Sachmaas.” – Dipti Kenia

Dipti Kenia
Founder – Sachmaas

My journey with Sachmaas began way back in 2003 with just 13 students in Mulund, Mumbai. Started with only Phonics and English grammar, then just one batch. Today we have 2000+ children across 90+ batches. We also have added many verticals such as Creative Writing, Reading Enhancement
Program, Spoken English for kids and Adults, Handwriting to our core Phonics and English Grammar which were already there since 2003.

It has been a long journey of 17 years, but the one with pride, prestige, satisfaction and honour!

I consider myself fortunate to have chosen a path to nurture and hone the skills of young children of 3 to 15 years. Most of our children are there with us for more than 6 or 7 years, sometimes 10 years and see an immense transformation in their English Language.

We teach English as a Language, not as a subject! That is how we are different from normal school teachers and other tuition teachers. Our children shine through their performances, be it at the school level or national level or international level! We train them to be from ordinary writers to extraordinary writers as they are trained by us through innovative and interesting techniques. Be it their spellings, be it their pronunciations, grammar, creative writing, handwriting… they master them all.

In other words, ‘We produce English Champions’

Sachmaas was a one-man army till I came in touch with Parag Sir of MIDAS. We were at 1600 or 1700 kids wherein from enquiry to admissions to teaching everything was managed by me, me and only me. I just had teachers who would majorly assist me and some who had been trained by me to teach and take up their own batches fabulously well!

Parag Sir and his team introduced the concept of departmentalization at Sachmaas wherein now we have a COO, an Admission department, an Admin staff to handle enquiries, to handle inhouse parents, to handle staff etc.

Turning from ME to WE, was a transformation due to Midas which I can never forget! Gratitude to Parag Sir and his team at Midas! One major change because of Midas I can say is the mindset of expansion and branching out! It took me 10+ years to make the decision to branch out, which I eventually did after leaving Midas, but the seeds were already sown with the team of Midas! They germinated now.

We celebrated the first anniversary of our first branch at Runwal Greens, in Mulund itself recently, but yes, we are now open to franchise confidently! We also have an inhouse Library named ‘Sachmaas Chanakya’. We are a team of 50+ Women at Sachmaas. Women definitely have a lot of opportunities in our sector today as teachers are deemed to be the second mothers to children.

My mantra if I would put down has been my passion to serve with honesty, sincerity, and dedication, a 100% result-oriented approach without which we shall not rest, a positive attitude with fluent English skills and a strong focus to give the best!

Hard work and perseverance are required in any field. I have drilled this culture in the entire team of Sachmaas and now we all have the same vision and mission. People who do not have this cannot be a part of Sachmaas. This is one thing very clearly made to all our team.

One more important thing, I would like to add here is we work as a team, so understanding each one and working together has been our core competency again! This way we keep inspiring our team and keep growing. Each one should be a mentor and have a mentee is what can eventually lead to collaborations and cordial relationships.

Maintaining relationships is one of the key factors in keeping our team united and strong.

At the same time, we have believed in ‘Take time to hire but not fire’ is another mantra followed which helps in retaining our quality staff members. I would like to end with only one thing, ‘Follow your Passion to the Core and Never Never Never Give up!’

Dipti Kenia
Founder & CEO
Sachmaas Academy

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