Vision AI Startup SwitchOn Secures $4.2 Million in Funding Round

vision AI based startup SwitchOn

In its latest funding round, vision AI startup SwitchOn has raised $4.2 million from Singapore-based funds Axilor Ventures, Pi Ventures, and investors led by angels including Anuj Bihani and Laxmi Narayan. The investment will allow SwitchOn to continue its growth in India, expand its international reach with leading companies, hire key sales and technical personnel, and invest in research and development, according to a company statement.

Founded by Aniruddha and Avra ​​in his 2020, SwitchOn specializes in helping manufacturers reduce defects and improve product quality. Its platform has been integrated by leading customers such as Unilever, ITC and SKF, leveraging its deep learning quality control model that can be trained in hours. The company’s flagship product, DeepInspect, has an accuracy of over 99% and can quickly detect defects on complex surfaces. With fewer than 200 good images to train an AI model with SwitchOn’s quick setup, manufacturers can fully automate the quality inspection process and deploy hundreds of SKUs in days.

Investments from Axilor Ventures, Pi Ventures and other investors will enable SwitchOn to further strengthen its platform and expand its customer base in India and internationally. Axilor Ventures is an early-stage seed fund and startup accelerator founded by Infosys co-founders Kris Gopalakrishnan and SD Shibural with Loco, Cash Positive, SquadStack, BizzTM, SigTurple, CapGrid Solutions, Reshamandi and FreshR. We have an extensive portfolio of companies such as others.

SwitchOn’s innovative approach to reducing errors and improving product quality through its AI-powered platform has gained a lot of attention in the manufacturing industry. With this latest investment, SwitchOn is well positioned to continue its growth and further solidify its leadership position in Vision AI.

SwitchOn’s latest funding round, led by Axilor Ventures, Pi Ventures, and a group of prominent angel investors, will allow the company to expand its operations, hire key talent and invest in research and development. increase. SwitchOn’s innovative platform uses deep learning quality control models to identify complex surface defects with superhuman accuracy and has already won major customers in the manufacturing industry. The investment by Axilor Ventures and Pi Ventures highlights the growing demand for AI-powered solutions in the manufacturing industry and solidifies SwitchOn’s position as a leader in vision AI.