Ruby Jagrut : Revitalizing Indian Art with Natural Dyes and Abir Space

ruby jagrut founder of Abir space

Ruby Jagrut
Founder- Abir Space

In the realm of art and textile design, Ruby Jagrut stands out as a remarkable artist, mentor, and curator. With a deep-rooted passion for natural dyes and a commitment to preserving India’s rich heritage of colours, she has made significant contributions to the art world.

As a disciple of the renowned textile designer and artist Toofan Rafai, Ruby carries forward his approach and philosophy. This article explores Ruby Jagrut’s journey, her accomplishments, and her visionary initiatives, including Abir India Foundation and Abir Space.

A Disciple’s Legacy

Having studied under the guidance of Toofan Rafai, Ruby Jagrut embraces his artistic principles and philosophy. She has not only imbibed his techniques but also aims to preserve and promote the traditional art of natural dyes.

Her dedication to this craft has earned her recognition as a mentor, trainer, and teacher in prestigious institutes, shaping the minds of aspiring artists and textile students.

Artistic Prowess

Ruby’s talent and passion for natural dyes have garnered praise and admiration at over 50 art shows. Her artwork, characterized by vibrant hues derived from natural sources, serves as a testament to her commitment to preserving the rich heritage of colours in India.

Through her work, she strives to practice, protect, promote, and preserve this traditional form of art that holds significant cultural value.

Multifaceted Endeavors

Beyond her expertise in natural dyes, Ruby Jagrut’s influence extends into various realms of art and culture. She is an avid writer, delving into subjects such as gender, art, and mythology, and frequently contributes articles to newspapers. Additionally, Ruby serves on the board of the liberal arts department at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar.

Her involvement in the arts community is further exemplified by curating and designing the art and poetry book, “Kuchh Nahin | Sab Kuchh,” written by Nidheesh Tyagi. Notably, she curated a painting exhibition by the legendary Muzaffar Ali, a renowned artist and filmmaker, in Ahmedabad.

The Birth of Abir India Foundation

Driven by a desire to support and showcase young artists and their promising work, Ruby Jagrut founded the Abir India Foundation in 2016. This philanthropic initiative provides a platform for emerging artists to exhibit their talent and gain recognition.

With a broader mission to create a buzz around Indian art, particularly emerging forms, Ruby’s foundation aims to revitalize and invigorate the art scene.

Introducing Abir Space

In 2021, Ruby Jagrut took her commitment to Indian art to new heights with the launch of Abir Space. This innovative endeavor showcases Indian art with a fresh sensibility to the global audience.

With over two decades of experience in the field, Ruby has meticulously curated an inclusive platform that amplifies contemporary voices from all corners of India, including the often-overlooked rural regions. Abir Space celebrates the imagination and unique aesthetics of lesser-known but immensely talented artists.

Abir Pothi: Giving Voice to the Unheard:

As an extension of Abir Space, Ruby introduced Abir Pothi, a webzine dedicated to uncovering untold stories of young artists and maestros within the national art environment.

This webzine features commissioned and one-of-a-kind content spanning the entire spectrum of art and design practices. Through Abir Pothi, Ruby envisions creating a comprehensive resource on Indian art and culture, becoming a guiding light for art enthusiasts and scholars in the years to come.

Ruby Jagrut’s unwavering commitment to natural dyes, her artistic prowess, and her visionary initiatives have left an indelible mark on the Indian art scene. As a proud disciple of Toofan Rafai, she not only carries forward his artistic approach but also strives to safeguard the traditional art of natural dyes.

Her work has been showcased and admired at numerous art shows, reflecting her dedication to preserving India’s rich heritage of colours.

Ruby’s contributions extend beyond her artistic endeavors. As a writer, she shares her insights on subjects like gender, art, and mythology in newspapers, offering a unique perspective on these topics. Her involvement in the liberal arts department at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University demonstrates her commitment to fostering artistic education and development.


Ruby Jagrut’s journey as an artist, mentor, curator, and philanthropist is a testament to her unwavering dedication to preserving and promoting the traditional art of natural dyes.

Through her initiatives like Abir India Foundation and Abir Space, she has created avenues for emerging artists and given a voice to unheard stories.

Ruby’s contributions enrich the Indian art landscape and inspire a new generation of artists and art enthusiasts to embrace their heritage and celebrate the power of colours.

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