“I had no experience in the educational segment, but I had a burning desire to change the existing system and make it better.” – Ritu Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal
Managing Trustee, Wisdom High Group of Schools, Nasik.

I’m an entrepreneur turned educationist. I started my entrepreneurial journey back in 1995 with a car rental company in Nashik called Status Car Rentals and from there went to creating three schools in Nashik. When I started my Car Rental Company, I was the only woman in Nashik running one.

My story is that of a woman who has always loved learning and believes in learning constantly. It all began when my daughter set up a lemonade stall in the backyard and sold the lemonade to the family members. This is when I realised that learning is far beyond what a book comprised of theory paper denotes. And that is when in the year 2000 Little Wonders was conceptualized.

When I started a pre-school, I had no former background in running one but I had a burning desire to change the existing style and system and make it better. I think that my lack of initial experience actually helped me in creating a better one! It was and still is one of the best learning experiences for me. I went back to studying, read every book there is on education, child psychology, took up workshops, visited schools from all over India, attended as many seminars as I could and with my team and some fresh perspective.

I brought something completely unique to the table to be tried, tested and implemented.

We began with our primary as Wisdom High International School with and ICSE curriculum in 2005 and then later a Cambridge curriculum added on. We did face a lot of challenges in making a K-12 School but were fortunate enough to have a very good team working shoulder to shoulder with us and supportive parents who helped us build this institute which gives lifelong learning to the students. Then came the new campus of the Cambridge Curriculum and Jr College in 2016. We grew with our team as well as with our students. Today we host 3400 students collectively in all our schools.

We also host a school as Connect Academy on the same campus which is for the ones who deserve a little extra and cater to learning difficulties. We are ranked as No. 1 School of Nasik for the past 5 years and have won awards amongst the Top 20 schools for ICSE and Cambridge curriculum. To add to this, I also got awarded as the Education Icon by Education Today.

Our vision is to build compassionately responsible, successful achievers as global citizens.

At Wisdom High International School, we aspire to ensure our students are groomed to be physically fit, academically sound and carry moral and entrepreneurial leadership. They should be emotionally mature and spiritually awakened.

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