Netflix to focus more on gaming: 40 new games announced for 2023

Netflix gaming

It was recently reported that popular streaming service Netflix is ​​looking to enter the gaming industry by adding 40 new games to its platform in 2023. The company has been making waves by expanding its catalog of playable games, and plans to release new games every month for the next year. The game studio is currently developing 16 new games, with an additional 30 in existing partnerships.

This game expansion is part of Netflix’s strategy to provide subscribers with a balanced entertainment experience. Netflix’s goal is to develop a broad portfolio of games across different genres and formats. We believe that everyone can find joy in gaming by finding the game that suits them. With this in mind, the company develops games based on popular shows to meet the interests of diverse audiences. For example, Netflix has already released Too Hot to Handle: Love is A Game, based on the unscripted dating show of the same name, and another Too Hot to Handle title is due for release later this year.

Additionally, Netflix’s latest gaming partnership is with Ubisoft. The two companies have teamed up to release a dedicated game for him called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace on April 18th. This collaboration is an important milestone for the streaming service as it continues to expand its gaming offerings and attract more viewers.

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales – mobile game on Netflix

As part of its growing library of games, Netflix is ​​releasing ustwo’s Monument Valley franchise to the company’s platform. This includes Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2. Developed by award-winning game studio ustwo, this visually stunning game series is expected to draw gamers to them. People who like beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. To access Netflix games, subscribers simply launch the Netflix app on their iOS or Android device and search for “mobile games.” By clicking on the game, subscribers receive additional information and can click the Get Game button to download the game to their device. For now, all games are included with all Netflix memberships, making it an attractive option for gamers who are also avid viewers.

Netflix’s foray into the gaming industry is an important step for the company as it continues to expand its offerings and offer new forms of entertainment to its subscribers. By adding a wider range of games to its catalog, Netflix hopes to attract a wider audience and offer a unique entertainment experience that combines the best games and streaming services. The success of the early games, combined with strategic partnerships with established game studios, suggests that Netflix’s gaming catalog will continue to grow and offer more choices to subscribers.

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