As her fame kept growing, Neelam continued to quench her thirst for touching new horizons

Neelam Seolekar

“Since my early childhood and my teen years, I was deeply engrossed with my passion to be an entrepreneur, especially in the field of hospitality. Slowly with time, efforts and dedication I have built up my own business which is currently running with quite a good rate of success. Having excelled in my previous endeavours of work and life learnings of construction, aesthetics and concepts of interiors, landscaping and finer life exploits of cooking and travelling.

Persistence and perseverance are the key factors In any business.

A customer is the pillar of strength. Be it a small organisation or a big conglomerate, everywhere customers are given the first priority in terms of growth and popularity. More so in our Hospitality business, we believe in a Motto “The Customer is Always Right”

One fundamental unit which every company tries to build is customer trust.
Nothing can elevate this particular factor when it comes to dealing with the market. Every company has a target group for its products or services.
Based on this segmented group of customers, I plan out the various strategies on how to make my business more efficient and better.

Now, here comes the relationship of building trust. A product of a particular organisation can only shine in the market if your guest ( as we call our customer ) believes in you. Trust becomes the only USP in our business like most or rather all businesses I would say! Not only our product but also our brand depends on the customer’s trust and the most important factor in entrepreneurial growth!

Learning is a never-ending journey in life!

There is no such end to learning. Every businessman should be in the process of learning. One may be highly experienced in the process of running a business yet discovering new things is always a good exercise.
Every day I learn something new from my colleagues and some senior experts. Though I am the boss yet there are certain things that I should learn over time and I do that at every step.”

the passion that drives….

“Working is something I am very passionate about, in fact, I started working at a very early age of 16 + as an apprentice to a small scale industry making children clothes and helping at the store with sales in the other half time. My belief in perseverance and dedication was the basis of my foundation.
I feel every journey has its ups and downs, and I have faced my share. But I kept believing that the never give up attitude would get me where I stand today. I owe my success to all my people around me, my family, and my staff who have supported me throughout my journey.

Currently, I am also working on a travelogue blog where I believe I should share my experiences and achievements with the hope of sharing all my acquired knowledge thus inspiring my followers!”

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