“I train women and offer them hand-holding by shedding light on a ‘Zero Investment’ growth strategy.” – Meghali Das

Meghali Das
Founder – Handloom Hues

My entrepreneurial journey

I have been working for Avon which is a company for women for the last 23 years. Now I am a platinum business owner in Avon. I have won Mrs. ALBEES trophy. New York Avon Hall of Fame for 10 consecutive years. I have the highest turnover in Avon. I also have more than seven thousand people especially women working with me and I am showing them how to earn from home and without leaving home because this is a home-based business.

As of today I am a Platinum business owner in Avon and doing extremely well. I travel all over the northeast and I have people working from every sector of life. I train them and I offer them hand-holding by shedding light on a ‘Zero Investment’ growth strategy. This is a very good home-based business for any woman who wants to make a great living and with dignity. We have a great incentive and also we are taken all over the world for holidays for doing good work.

I was the secretary of a fashion Council from the Northeast for three and a half years. We have promoted designers to Lakme Fashion Week and had fashion shows in Thailand, Dubai, Bangladesh and the USA. Since 2018 I am working with 21 weavers and Tailors and uplifting especially women to make a livelihood out of their handwork. I also run a boutique known as Handloom Hues where I make ethnic mekhela sador for the local market as well as for everyone who wants it and I courier them all over the world.

I had a show in Vancouver in 2019 which was a big success. I have also won several awards such as Assam Surjya Bota, Biju Phukan Award, Prag & Prerona award. Women Entrepreneurs award from Indian Chamber of Commerce. And many more accolades and recognition from different organisations. I am the vice-chairperson of FICCI LADIES ORGANISATION.

Opportunities for women in your sector today.

Opportunity is huge in Avon, if you want to earn the sky is the limit. Even during the pandemic. When everything was shut down including my weaving sector, Avon kept going. Since we have been working online for 23 years nothing stopped us… my cheques kept coming in and even better than before. This saw me through the bad days of 7 months of lockdown in the whole of Assam and North East.

I felt my business started growing because everybody wanted to order everything online and people were going digital all over. Avon was a good platform to connect with everyone at that time. We did the highest ever sales in the Northeast region during the lockdown. Since the Northeastern region is a matrilineal society and all women work here so businessman boom in this part of India.

Your mantra for being a strong and inspiring woman in business.

I can’t spell SUCCESS without the letter ‘U‘. To be strong and successful I feel you need to uplift more women and show them an earning opportunity and guide them towards financial independence. We in Avon show them to take care of their health and we work towards breast cancer and against domestic violence.

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