Maruti Suzuki India Announces Price Hike for Popular Models: What You Need to Know Before Buying

maruti Suzuki to increase prices

Maruti Suzuki India, India’s largest automaker, has announced that it will increase the prices of its cars from April 2023. The news could disappoint anyone planning to buy a Maruti car soon, as popular models such as the Alto, Eeco, WagonR, Swift, Dzire, Baleno, Ertiga, Brezza and Grand Vitara are likely to see price increases.

The company cited increasing cost pressures caused by overall inflation and regulatory requirements as the reason for the price increase. As the company works to cut costs, it has had to pass on some of the impact through price increases. The planned price increase in April 2023 will vary by model, and the company has yet to determine the exact amount of the price increase. Maruti has already raised prices twice in 2023. The first at 1.3% in April 2022 and the second at 1.1% in January 2023.

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The Indian automotive industry is currently transitioning to Real Driving Emissions (RDE) standards which will come into force from 1 April 2023. Several automakers, including multiplayer rivals such as Kia Motors, Hyundai Motor and Tata Motors, are expected to raise the prices of their vehicles under the new regulations.

The new RDE standard aims to measure vehicle emissions and fuel consumption under real driving conditions. The new standard replaces current laboratory-based testing methods that have been in use for many years but have been criticized for not accurately reflecting real-world driving conditions. Switching to the new RDE standard will lead to increased production costs for automakers. As a result, car prices are expected to rise across the industry. Maruti is no exception, and the company has indicated that it intends to pass on some of the increased production costs to its customers.
For those looking to buy a multi-vehicle even with the increased price, there are still plenty of reasons to consider this brand. Multis are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. In fact, Maruti’s Alto model was India’s best-selling car for several years.

Additionally, Maruti offers a wide range of models to suit different needs and budgets. The Alto is popular with those looking for an affordable and economical vehicle, while the Swift and Dzire are preferred by those looking for a more stylish and feature-rich vehicle. The Ertiga and Brezza are popular with families, while the Grand Vitara is a premium SUV that combines luxury and performance.

Maruti has been in business in India for over 30 years and has a reputation for producing high quality, reliable vehicles. The company is also at the forefront of innovation in the Indian automotive industry, focusing on developing environmentally friendly and fuel efficient vehicles.
In recent years, the Indian government has encouraged the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Maruti is also working on electric vehicles, and the company plans to launch his first electric vehicle in 2025.

In conclusion, while the news of price increases may be disappointing for Marti fans, the brand’s popularity and reputation for reliability and low maintenance costs continue to make it a strong contender in the Indian car market. Additionally, upcoming RDE standards are expected to drive up vehicle prices across the industry, so the price increases are not limited to Maruti. expected to remain a popular choice for Indian car buyers.

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