Locofy.ai Raises $4.25 Million in Seed Funding to Transform Front-End Development with AI

Locofy.ai team

Locofy.ai has successfully raised $4.25 million from Northstar Ventures, a private equity firm supported by TPG Capital, in its second seed-stage fundraising round for Locofy.ai. Locofy.ai is an innovative front-end development acceleration platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to transform drawings into code.

The fundraising round witnessed the participation of various prominent investors, including Golden Gate Ventures, Accel in India, Aviondor Group, as well as founders and technology directors from other renowned firms. Individual investors such as Arash Ferdowsi, co-founder and CTO of Dropbox, Nattu Adnan, co-founder and CTO of Lottiefiles, and executives from companies like Tinder, Zopim, Paysense, and Betterhalf.ai also joined the funding round.

Co-Founders left: Sohaib Muhammad CTO, Right: Honey Mittal CEO

Headquartered in Singapore, Locofy.ai operates with team members spread across Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Canada. The platform specializes in translating web and mobile app designs into various front-end coding languages, significantly reducing the time and effort required by front-end and full-stack developers.

Locofy.ai gained significant attention in 2022 when it launched a $3 million investment round and unveiled its beta version in January. With the latest funding, the company has raised a total of $7.3 million to date. Impressively, over 110,000 engineers and designers from 195 countries have already signed up for locofy.ai, including startup teams, businesses, freelancers, and student groups.

The platform utilizes AI to seamlessly convert designs created in popular tools like Figma and Adobe XD into code languages such as React, React Native, HTML-CSS, Gatsby, and Next.js. This AI-driven approach streamlines the design-to-code conversion process, and the additional funding will further enhance these capabilities while expanding platform interfaces to accommodate diverse workflows.

In addition to the funding, Locofy.ai announced several key appointments at the senior level. Tien Nguyen, a former CTO at Teko and Wego, will serve as the vice president of engineering at Locofy.ai. Nguyen Kien, a former director of engineering at Tiki, and Nick Jachowski, a former founder of Swat and an AI advisor to startups, are expected to join as heads of AI and engineering, respectively.

Notably, Locofy.ai currently offers its product for free, as the founders, Honey Mittal and Sohaib Muhammad, continue to develop monetization strategies. Mittal and Muhammad, both first-generation immigrants from Pakistan and India respectively, have previously collaborated at the flight search and booking website Wego.

In an interview, Locofy.ai’s founder and CEO, Honey Mittal, emphasized the company’s community-based growth approach, relying on word-of-mouth recommendations. They have not engaged in outbound marketing or demo requests from clients. Users access the platform independently, benefiting from self-service functionalities. Locofy.ai places significant emphasis on producing comprehensive documentation and fostering a Slack community where users can connect with the founding team for support and inquiries.

It is essential to note that Locofy.ai aims to augment front-end engineers’ capabilities rather than replacing them. The platform provides these professionals with tools to enhance their productivity, allowing them to construct applications more efficiently. By leveraging Locofy.ai, a single engineer can achieve what previously required the effort of three individuals in front-end design.

With its impressive fundraising achievements, strategic collaborations, and user-focused approach, Locofy.ai is poised to further revolutionize the front-end development landscape. The company’s commitment to harnessing AI and empowering developers signals a promising future for the platform and the industry as a whole.

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