IndiaJets: Transforming Air Travel with Subscription-Based Aircraft Membership Program

IndiaJet Partners and Founders

IndiaJets, a subscription-based aviation start-up, has recently announced its launch in India, introducing an innovative aircraft membership program. With a focus on catering to business owners and senior management professionals, IndiaJets aims to provide the benefits of a private aircraft without the need for ownership.

The platform, following a timeshare model, allows subscribers to enjoy the luxury and convenience of a private aircraft without the associated costs and responsibilities. IndiaJets, owned and operated by Prive Avion Alliances Pvt Ltd, was founded in October of last year by John Kuruvilla, along with T.G.S. Gupta and Rajesh Rajan.

From Left: CFO- TGS Gupta, COO- Rajesh Rajan, CEO – John Kuruvilla

According to IndiaJets, subscribers can purchase a share size that aligns with their annual flight requirements. They pay a fixed monthly fee, as well as an additional amount per hour flown. This eliminates the need to hire personnel, pay hangar rent, or handle various other details that come with owning an entire aircraft, including unpredictable variable costs.

The company has secured seed funding of $500,000 and currently operates a 6-seater business jet. However, their ambitious plans involve expanding their fleet to include 32 more aircraft, including medium-to-large jets, within the next few years.

In India, business travellers face numerous challenges when it comes to air travel. The high costs associated with aircraft ownership and monthly operations and maintenance serve as significant barriers to entry. John Kuruvilla, co-founder and CEO of IndiaJets, acknowledges this issue, stating, “Flying private is the only solution, and business leaders across the world are now doing so through fractional ownership.” Fractional ownership offers the flexibility, convenience, privacy, and tax and time-saving benefits of aircraft ownership, without the substantial capital expense or management responsibilities.

IndiaJets emphasizes that subscribers have the freedom to customize their itineraries and set their own schedules. This level of flexibility ensures that business professionals can optimize their travel arrangements according to their specific needs and preferences.

The membership program provided by IndiaJets presents a compelling solution for individuals seeking the advantages of private air travel without the burdensome costs and logistical complexities associated with owning an entire aircraft. By adopting a fractional ownership model, IndiaJets enables its subscribers to enjoy the privileges of private aviation while only paying for their actual usage.

As the company continues to expand its fleet, IndiaJets is poised to revolutionize the aviation landscape in India, providing greater accessibility to private air travel and catering to the needs of business executives and entrepreneurs. With its innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction, IndiaJets is set to make a lasting impact in the Indian aviation industry.