Deepak Aggarwal founder and MD of Kazo Fashion shares his success mantra – Interview

Deepak Aggarwal - Kazo

“Success is a combination of highs and lows”

Deepak aggarwal – founder and MD Kazo fashion

Starting with just one shop in New Delhi Kazo Fashion has emerged to new heights with the vision of founder and MD Mr Deepak Aggarwal

Many people enter the Entrepreneurial world, but only some of them make it big! Today we have multiple competitors in the Fashion industry, Products industry, and Automobile industry. Setting up a benchmark for new and budding entrepreneurs.

Online Fashion in India has gained massive popularity in the past few years and making it an industry with a lot of opportunities and people creating these opportunities have gained popularity as well.

We got an amazing opportunity to gain insights from his journey and share them with you!

Q. As a child, were you certain that when you grow, you will become an entrepreneur? If yes, then what was the reason?

Being born into a business family, I always kind of had it in my mind that I will become a businessman. It was during my college days when I decided that I wanted to start something of my own and not join my family business.

I was also passionate about fashion, which made me start a women’s garment export business under the name of BL International. As time passed, quickly BL positioned itself as a design-led supplier with a strong sourcing network, which further gave me the confidence to start into retail and then about 15 years later, I started in the retail world with KAZO.

Q. When did you think of pursuing your career as an entrepreneur?

I think my late teens and early twenties were extremely significant for me. It was when I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey. I started travelling a lot, meeting new people, and experiencing different avenues of work, which really helped me discover who I was and what I wanted in life.

Q. Guide us about your journey after you became an entrepreneur?

‘’I firmly believe powerful leadership and unparalleled creativity is the key to success. I follow this in my personal and professional life.”

My entrepreneurial journey has been challenging in the best possible way. My passion has been the key driver for all my accomplishments in my life. I love what I do and that’s what keeps me going. When we consider our accomplishments and successes, we often focus on the highlights.

We occasionally overlook the fact that the difficult times—when we struggle and begin to doubt our abilities and the viability of the vision—are the most crucial.

The resilience we demonstrate in certain circumstances is what can take something that appears challenging and make it a reality. And the journey for me of establishing KAZO brands has been like that.

Q. Tell us about one of your experiences during your journey of entrepreneurship, which you will always remember.

The key turning point in my entrepreneurial journey would be when the second generation decided to join the business. I was elated to see that my kids could look at my vision with a greater focus, despite this never being a requisite for them. It gives me immense pride that I was able to create something wherein my kids decided to make a difference and KAZO brands has acted as a steppingstone for my kids to build on to.

Q. Are there any skills which you think you should have learnt earlier?

Entrepreneur Deepak Aggarwal
Deepak Aggarwal- Founder and MD Kazo Fashion

I would be wrong if I say that I know every part of my business. Having started from a young age has its own perks, I’ve managed and handled all departments myself. But I believe technological advancements are the key to a company’s growth in today’s time. Advancing and incorporating the latest technologies in all the business functions is an indispensable factor.

Q. Tell us about your business and the journey of brand Kazo.

BL International was established 30 years ago by me with no prior experience. I started BL in 1992 and BL INTERNATIONAL went on to become a preferred garment manufacturer, exporter, and supplier to many recognizable fashion brands across the globe.

At BL we take pride in being a design-driven organization with a strong sourcing network.

When I talk about KAZO brands, it includes 3 brands-

KAZO is a women’s fast fashion brand with collections that epitomize the fashionable and ornate lifestyle of today’s trendsetting women. The garments designed are phenomenally fashionable along with a high wearability and practicality quotient. Dressing up is for every day, we envision creating pieces that make women feel incredible

DETAILS By Kazo is a sister brand of India’s first fashion brand KAZO. We believe fashion should be fun and there’s nothing like an accessory (or two!) to put a smile on your face. For the past decade, KAZO has been selling accessories at their exclusive stores, and with the noticeable growth year on year, our fashion accessories range has continued to widen.

And lastly, KZ07 is all about a well-designed collection of clothing and accessories for men and women to get inspired to live, look, and feel their best. Additionally, 50% of the clothing in our collection is recognized as “Gender Fluid Clothing.”

For us, creating what our customers love gives us validation to keep growing. Each new store that we open is an achievement as it signifies the hard work of all the people involved with KAZO. KAZO today covers more than 190+ point of sales and we have been expanding our e-commerce channels as they are equally strong.

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