Elon Musk Expresses Interest in Investing in India, Meets with Prime Minister Modi

PMO meets Elon musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Modi’s state visit to the United States. Musk expressed his admiration for Modi, mentioning the prime minister’s previous visit to a Tesla factory in California. Following their meeting, Musk revealed that Tesla is actively seeking opportunities to invest in India.

When asked about Tesla’s plans for investment in India, Elon Musk expressed his confidence in the company’s future presence in the country, stating that he intends to visit India next year. He thanked Prime Minister Modi for his support and expressed hope for an announcement regarding their plans in the near future. In a video shared by Indian broadcaster ANI on Twitter, Musk referred to India as having tremendous potential, and he commended Modi’s efforts to encourage significant investments in the country. Musk emphasized that they are currently determining the optimal timing for their investments in India.

Elon Musk also highlighted India’s potential as a leader in sustainable energy solutions, particularly in solar power, stationary battery packs, and electric vehicles. He mentioned Tesla’s interest in bringing its Starlink satellite internet service to India. Last month, Tesla executives visited India and engaged in discussions with government officials and ministers regarding the establishment of manufacturing facilities for cars and batteries in the country.

Tesla’s plans to select a location for a new factory by the end of this year were reiterated by Musk. He expressed India’s appeal as a potential site for the factory, considering the need for U.S. companies to diversify their manufacturing bases away from China due to geopolitical tensions. However, previous plans for Tesla’s entry into India were put on hold due to high import tax structures.

The meeting between Modi and Musk gained attention in light of recent controversies involving social media platforms. Days before their meeting, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey accused India of threatening to shut down the platform for not complying with content takedown orders during a period of protest in 2020-2021. India dismissed these allegations as baseless. While Musk did not comment on the episode, it caused significant political turmoil in India.

In summary, Elon Musk’s meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signalled Tesla’s interest in investing in India. Musk praised India’s potential and expressed gratitude for Modi’s support while acknowledging the need to determine the optimal timing for their investments. The discussions between Tesla executives and Indian officials further emphasized India’s appeal as a potential manufacturing base for the company. The meeting took place amidst ongoing debates about social media regulations in India, although Musk did not publicly address these matters.

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