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In today’s world, people are pursuing their passions and building careers around them, and the village of Kolgaon in the Beed district of India is a shining example of this. It is known as the “Blogger’s Village” because of the large number of people who have taken up blogging as a profession.

Starting with just two bloggers, Aditya and Saurabh, who began blogging as a hobby, the village Beed Kolgaon (Beed district Maharastra) has transformed into a hub for over 250 bloggers. These bloggers include 12th-pass youth to engineering graduates, and they are all making a living through their blogs.

One inspiring success story is that of Akshay, who started his journey with a viral post that reached 58 Lakhs views and earned him $222. He then went on to start his own YouTube channel, @TechnicalSupportsbeed, where he provides information about government schemes to farmers who have no other means of getting this information. Akshay is now running a total of eight blogs and 24 subdomains, with one of his websites receiving 1 lakh 34 thousand visitors and earning 12 lakh Rupees monthly. He has even employed young people in his village and shares his earnings with them.

Aditya, saurabh and team

Blogging has also transformed the lives of Aditya and Saurabh. Aditya, who completed 12th grade and has been blogging for a couple of years, now earns an average payment of 2.00 lakh Rupees per month. He is also learning SEO and using plugins to improve his site’s reach. Saurabh, on the other hand, blogs solely on a mobile network as there is no WiFi in the village, and he has earned 2.5 lakhs Rs per month. Blogging along with farming has helped him live a better life and even move from a mud house to one made of concrete.

The stories of the bloggers from Kolgaon are truly inspiring, and they are a testament to what can happen when a group of motivated people comes together. Their success is proof that pursuing your passion and building a career around it is possible, no matter where you come from. The Blogger’s Village is setting an example of how positivity can be brought into the world when people work together

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