Delta Electronics India Private Limited Commits to Renewable Energy Investment in India

delta electronics india

Delta Electronics, a leading industrial automation giant, has announced its intention to prioritize investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the circular economy in India. With a commitment of $500 million over the next five years

The company aims to expand its manufacturing capabilities, establish new research and development centres, and contribute to India’s sustainable development.

This strategic move comes as Delta Electronics designates India as a key region within its organization, aligning additional resources to capture the potential of the Indian market.

Benjamin Lin, the President at Delta Electronics India, shared insights into the company’s plans, stating, “To sharpen its focus on the Indian market, we have designated India as a region within the organization and allocated additional resources accordingly.

In the short term, we may concentrate on expanding our existing product lines, entering new markets, and collaborating with local companies to increase market share and revenue in India. Improving operational efficiency, supply chain management, and customer service could also be among its priorities.”

Looking towards the future, Delta Electronics envisions investing in developing new products and solutions customized for the Indian market. This includes investments in research and development, the establishment of new manufacturing facilities, and the expansion of their distribution network.

The company also aims to emphasize investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the circular economy as part of its long-term growth strategy in India.

With a track record of expanding operations and investing in new technologies and R&D centres, Delta Electronics remains committed to developing innovative solutions that reduce carbon emissions and address climate change.

Benjamin Lin highlighted the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions and sustainable infrastructure worldwide, as countries strive to reduce their carbon footprints and transition to clean energy sources. He emphasized that this presents a significant opportunity for companies like Delta Electronics to innovate and offer solutions that meet these changing needs.

However, the industrial automation sector faces a significant challenge in the form of a shortage of skilled professionals. Lin pointed out the requirement for highly skilled workers with expertise in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Unfortunately, there is a global shortage of professionals in these fields, hindering the sector’s growth potential.

Delta Electronics’ commitment to investing in renewable energy and sustainable solutions in India demonstrates the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its recognition of India as a promising market for such technologies.

By prioritizing investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the circular economy, Delta Electronics aims to contribute to India’s sustainable development goals while capturing the market opportunities that arise from the global transition to clean energy.

As Delta Electronics embarks on its investment journey in India, it is poised to make a significant impact on the country’s renewable energy sector, promote energy efficiency, and advance the circular economy.

By leveraging its expertise and global experience, the company aims to develop tailored solutions for the Indian market and collaborate with local partners to achieve shared sustainability objectives. Delta Electronics’ investment aligns with India’s commitment to clean energy and sets the stage for a greener and more sustainable future.