Cloud computing in Indian businesses

cloud technology and its adaptation

opportunities, challenges, and government support

Indian Government has been supporting Cloud computing and its adoption by devising policies and providing support to MSMEs (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) by creating an appropriate ecosystem. The ‘Digital MSME’ and the ‘Digital India program’ has led the transformation for Indian businesses and have encouraged them to use Cloud platforms for communications and information technology applications. These initiatives have helped MSMEs to cut on CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) infrastructure and move to cutting-edge applications and infrastructure economically.

Major cloud service providers and their services

Various cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure are building platforms catering to the need of various businesses and providing support for them to implement cloud in their businesses without having adequate technical know-how. Creating accounts, connecting with cloud platforms, storing files, or accessing cloud-based SaaS apps have been made very easy for businesses and have helped them come to a place from where they can scale their business and have business continuity and resilience.

Cloud computing and platforms have provided innumerable opportunities for Indian businesses with access to high-end computing, cutting-edge software, pay-per-use model and have helped businesses move from the CAPEX model to OPEX (Operating Expense) model.

The various advantages of the Cloud computing in terms of infinite storage, data security, data encryption, data safety, and flexibility & reliability have helped businesses focus on core business drivers, business agility and go-to-market strategies. Cloud features like fail fast, and create quick proof-of-concept have led to innovation and multifold growth creating new products and customized service offerings for our customers in turn creating enhanced customer satisfaction.

While there are multiple benefits of adopting the cloud, there are various challenges as well that our Indian businesses need to take care of – prioritization of migration, lack of planning, employee training and unrealistic timelines. One of the common myths among businesses is to have immediate cost savings from adopting cloud platforms.

On the contrary, there are costs associated with the various challenges outlined above but if implemented strategically, investments will not only have better returns but will help businesses with productivity and scalability. Cloud providers are providing newsletters, seminars, and conducting various events through which Indian businesses can learn what mature cloud players are doing right and create appropriate internal knowledge within their organization.

Businesses and Educational organizations have a symbiotic relationship – the more businesses will drive cloud adoption the more educational institutions will create cloud-ready courses and workforces thus driving better employment opportunities and in turn helping India’s economy & GDP. While India looks forward to becoming 3rd largest economy in the world, it is time for our businesses to evangelize cloud adoption in their organization and create future-ready workforces.