100th Unicorn Startup of India: Open Empowering Small Businesses in Finance Management

100th unicorn startup of India Open Neo bank

India has achieved a significant milestone in its startup ecosystem, with the emergence of its 100th unicorn startup. The company in question, Open, is a neo-banking platform that focuses on helping small businesses manage their finances. Backed by Google and Tiger Global, Open has already assisted more than 2.3 million small businesses in India.

Open was founded by Mabel Chacko with the goal of simplifying banking for small businesses in India. The platform provides a range of financial services, including banking, invoicing, and expense management, all in one place. This has made it easier for small businesses to manage their finances and reduce the administrative burden of running a business.

Open Neo Bank: A $100 million funding round has been raised by neo bank Open, led by some of the biggest names in tech and finance, including Google, Temasek, Visa, and SoftBank Investments from Japan.

The platform has gained significant recognition in the Indian startup ecosystem, with partnerships with major financial institutions such as ICICI Bank and Visa. Open has also raised over $37 million in funding, with investors including Tiger Global, Tanglin Venture Partners, and Speedinvest.

The success of Open and other unicorn startups in India is due to a number of factors. One of the key factors is India’s large and growing consumer base, which provides a market for innovative startups to develop and scale their products and services.

Another important factor is the Indian government’s efforts to support entrepreneurship and startups. Initiatives such as the Startup India program have provided funding, mentorship, and other resources to entrepreneurs, helping to foster a vibrant startup ecosystem in the country.

In addition, India’s tech talent pool is one of the largest in the world, with a large number of skilled developers and engineers. This has allowed startups like Open to build innovative products and services that can compete with global players.

The emergence of India’s 100th unicorn startup is a testament to the country’s growing startup ecosystem and its ability to nurture innovative startups that can compete on the global stage. With continued support from the government and investors, India’s startup ecosystem is poised to continue its rapid growth and produce even more successful companies like Open.